I know that a number of people coming to me are experiencing a great deal of personal pain in various areas of their lives.Just about every day I help them move forward and demolish their obstacles through consultations and ritual work, so I get an inside look into their pain.

Some are struggling to repair fragile relationships. Some are trying to hold their finances together while pursuing their passions and trying to fulfill their Destiny.

There are some who are battling terrible illness and debilitating circumstances. Others are doing what they can each day to reach for the big dream, whatever that may be to them.

The fact is that in the process of life, pain is virtually guaranteed at some point. We can avoid that.What we can do, though, is learn to utilize our pain, so that we can turn it into power.

This is the internal alchemy.Poison can indeed be turned into medicine within the body… but the caveat is that in order to begin the alchemical process, the poison must be ingested. In the same manner, in order to discover our greatest power, we have to experience the greatest pain.


To put it another way: pain is a motivator. If we don’t experience pain, we have no impetus to grow, to develop, to evolve beyond the person who is in pain, to rise up as the person who is the embodiment of power.

How do we do this? How can we take these terrible experiences of deep personal pain and turn them into power?

The first thing that you have to do is STOP TRYING TO STOP THE PAIN!

It is our learned instinct, from the most ancient reptilian part of our brain to either fight a situation, or to flee from it. One of the major factors in whether we choose to fight or to flee is how immediate the threat is.

If, in our seemingly instantaneous assessment of the situation, it seems that running from the situation is easier and more effective, that is what we will do.

However, if the threat seems so immediate and so intense that fleeing does not appear to even be an option, then we will fight, and we will fight HARD!

I want you to think about whatever situation you might be experiencing right now that is causing you any sort of pain.

Notice that the first thing that happens when you feel the negative emotions is that your body tightens up, usually beginning in your stomach, and often spreads to your furthest extremities.

Next, we will often try to push the thoughts and emotions about the negative situation out of our heads and our hearts. We don’t want to feel it, so we put it in a box and shove it as deep down as we can.

Now, do the opposite. Focus on the situation. Feel the despair. Feel the frustration. Feel it as if it’s a living force inside of you. And then intensify it. Churn the emotion up until you can hear it banging like pots and pans inside of you. Feel it ratcheting higher and higher until you feel like your body is about to be torn apart. Keep wrapping the pain up higher and higher inside of yourself until you can’t stand it any more… and then give it a couple more turns higher and louder.

Here is where something interesting happens: the pain becomes ecstasy. Misery will turn to elation which can be used.

Once you’ve made the pain immediate and unbearable, the spirit within you will instantly be called into activity, the part of yourself that is all powerful awakening from its slumber.

This is a degree of force that is hard to match through any other method.

What you’ve essentially done is taken an energy that was formerly negating your progress, and you’ve turned it into a powerful ally. With the help of energies and syncing yourself with the energies around, you can turn any situation in your favour. And there are ways to do so. To know more …

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