How A Bloodline Curse Works… Why An Innocent Human Can Inherit A Curse Across Past Lives & Down An Entire DNA Chain Of Ancestors

When a psychic attack or possession attack, or some kind of disturbing phenomena occurs and continues, there is often no discernible cause. You investigate a situation for example, somebody in the house went on a haunted tour of an old mental asylum or a prison, somewhere where they could have picked up a negative entity. If there have been serious arguments and upsets in a family or with friends or in business, those sort of things can cause attacks.

But often you go into a situation where you have a very normal home; clean-living people, nice people. And there’s nothing that you can come to grips with that would, from my experience of dealing with this a lot over decades, could tell me that this probably caused it. Sometimes you have nothing to work with.

In cases like that,there are a number of things which can be attributed to the attack happening. It can be the DNA in your own body, in a family, can be the cause. Through your DNA and the flesh of your body, you have a direct connection with your mother and your father and, through them, a direct connection to your grandfather and a grandmother on both sides, all the way out, back for millions of years.

Past Life Connections To Ancestors And
Appearance Of Their Faces In Your Aura

Ancestor attachments are generally benign and it’s almost like most of the ancestors inside of you are asleep. They just exist there. It’s like a little thought form, snapshot of each of your ancestors existing in your energy field. These things you do epigenetically affect us. Things from the past, from our ancestors, to affect us today. They can affect us physically. They can affect us mentally; psychologically, as well. And traits, as well. We’re traits of our ancestors, but more so than just physical traits, traits passed on by the physical body. Also, psychological traits, as well. Also keeping mind maybe the age and activity of your ancestors, as well, in the sense of how developed each of your ancestors were on the scale of things.

So some ancestors in this way are stronger and can have more of an influence upon us than most of our ancestors. Could be normal, working people that are just sitting there in silence, they wouldn’t really understand. They don’t really exist. It’s almost like a moving snapshot, as I said, like a semi-living thought form.

This could have an evolutionary purpose to help us evolve over time, but there are downsides to this, as well, in the sense that if you are cursed or something terrible happens to you in the past maybe hundreds or thousands of years ago, and a human being or an entity curses you, this can cause problems in the now even though it happened thousands of years ago.

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