180 DAY / 6 Months – Your Personal V.I.P. Assistance Package




This VIP Package-only available to preferred clients, provides you with a savings of over Rs 1,20,000. That’s 60 days of FREE services at regular price.

Please contact  with information on your request or situation and/or preferred working. This listing can cover love, finances, work, enemies etc. I will then begin the working on you behalf within a week and notify you via e-mail . This is for 90 days working in which only the Daemons associated with your particular situation will be cooked for, prayed to, petitioned, a lamp made and then proper disposal of the items and sealed.

What I need from you; Your name and birth date, as much description as you’d like about your situation. The more detail I have, obviously the better I can serve you. Issue of privacy is assured. Anything you reveal is in complete confidence between you and I.

***ONE situation or circumstance at a time ONLY. You will need to leave your situation details in the note area upon ordering.

Results are not guaranteed. No refunds or exchanges.

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