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A balanced & healthy lifestyle is actually an outcome of perfect synchronization between our internal energy & Universe. We all have a mini cosmos within ourselves, whose elements invariably need to be in sync with the elements of Nature. This bosting chemistry is the ultimate key to bringing in prosperity & abundance in our lives. As we grow up, our maturity & complexity detach us from our basic & spiritual self, which eventually affect our health & financial condition. This miserable situation irrevocably assembles our existence with negativity & problems. We need to realise our inner force & regain our connections with nature to bring back balance & affluence in our lives. But this is a practice, a science, a knowledge of the hidden, which could be learnt & executed by the Chosen Ones, born with the competence to unravel the secret & truth of the Dark Universe.

People who are born with such competencies can feel a difference from a very early age. Any living creature around them being in a pain or misery makes the people feel the pain belong to them, which gradually make them curious about themselves. This query & curiosity end in a study and practice which transform their lives & engender an urge in them to transform & synchronize other peoples’ lives with such knowledge, skill & practice.

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Meenakshii, has always felt an urge to help people from her teenage years. She has unfailingly perceived that quest of knowledge, distinct power & outlook within herself from the very beginning. She did her doctorate in Mythology & Occultism with specialization in Para Pschycology, Soul Science & Ancient Gods & hand-picked the sphere where she can utilize her skill & knowledge to bring back positivity & plenitude in common people’s lives. He founded Folklore where she helps people suffering from financial & health problems. Each case being handled by Meenakshii becomes a case study for her. She has dealt more than 500 cases within Kolkata & more than 1000 cases considering all over the World.

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