Is black magic a reality?

Yes, and maybe no. There is black magic that others can do to us and also the black magic we do to ourselves. Can energy be used in a negative manner, for example to do black magic?

Energy is just energy; it is neither divine nor is it evil. You can make anything – a god or a devil – out of it. It is like electricity. It lights up your house, it is divine. When you get a Shock, it is devil. It just depends on who is operating it at that moment.

Arjuna asked Krishna the same question, “If you are saying everything is the same energy and everything is divine, if it is the same godhood which exists in Duryodhana, why is he functioning like this?” Krishna replied, “God is Nirguna, the divine is Nirguna. He has no attributes of his own.” That means it is just pure energy. You can make anything out of it. A Cannibal that attacks you has the same energy, god that come and save you also has the same energy.

So can people do black magic? Definitely they can. If positive uses are there, negative uses are also there. The Atharvana Veda is dedicated to the use of energies for both positive and negative. Mostly things are psychological. Just certain symbols which indicate that this seems to be some kind of black magic will destroy your mind. So most of the time, it is just psychological. Even if black magic is done to you, only ten percent may be the real thing. The rest of it is you destroying yourself. But yes, there is a science where one can use their energies negatively to cause harm to somebody else. Black Magic is the negative use of the energies and power by evil minded people. People who practice black magic or take the help of professional black magicians are extremely dedicated people who have one goal in their minds; to harm or deprive others from living peaceful lives; make them sick, bed ridden and finally kill them.

Black magic not only affects the circumstances and future prospects of a person , but also deprives him materially of everything he was destined for, but also affects the psyche of the victim in such a way that one looses the will power & mental energy to get out the situation, and has no desire left to live or progress in life.

As time passes, it affects the persons mind, brain, body , relationships, attitude, work , money marriage, career and everything in life. Eventually it deepens and become more chronic and life threatening taking the form of a incurable disease or steer the person towards committing suicide or giving death to the victim in a mysterious way.
No matter how Spiritual or Religious you are , black magic can affect you. If Prophet Mohamed and deciple of GuruNanak “Mardana” can be victimized, it would be foolish not to believe in the existence of the spirit world and black magic.

All religions talk about the existence of the evil spirits . Spirit world always existed and would always exist. Black Magic is an ancient science to access the Spirit world and use the dark powers to inflict harm on individuals like you and me .It is time that you open your eyes to the hard truth, if you feel that you have been victimized, take necessary precautions to overcome the issues. If issues are serious then you must call for professional help before its too late.

Some very basic symptoms to list a few :

Basic Symptoms : Social Indications:

  • You sense that people are avoiding you
  • your good intensions are always misunderstood
  • Blocked income and financial prospects

Basic Symptoms : Mind- Body Level

  • disturbed interrupted sleep
  • Mood Swings-irrational anger-irritation-fear-hysteria-abnormal behaviour
  • Sudden memory loss- hazy thinking

Serious Symptoms: Body – Mind – Spirituality

  • Constant headaches
  • Stinging pains as if needles or pins are poked onto your body
  • Extensive paranormal activities around you

Final Stages of Possession /Black Magic very little recovery time left

  • Cancer of Blood or of any body part
  • Suicidal attempts or thoughts of self destruction

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