Dream Visits from our Loved Once : Are they Real? Hoe Grief can attract negative entities to your life and block the natural progress of Life!

In sleep, our subconscious isn’t selective – it doesn’t disregard what we are shown or what we hear. Spirit often choose to communicate with us while our mind is operating in this way so that we aren’t forming judgements or dismissing vital information that the rational waking mind might explain away.

Our loved ones can create an environmental setting to put us at ease during the visit, such as a familiar place or event from our past, or a place we are familiar with in our daily life now. It doesn’t matter if they never visited the setting in their lifetime, its just their way of setting us at ease.

If your dream is a vivid and positive (must stress the positive part here!) conversation with a loved one who has crossed over, don’t dismiss it as fantasy – it is real!

If you can remember clear details such as where you were (surroundings, smells), what was happening, what your loved one was wearing when they appeared in your dream, then you have been blessed with a real visit. Having said this, you must ignore any dreams where your loved one appears to be angry, disappointed or overly critical – if any negative aspects prevail this is just your subconscious mind playing out any unresolved emotions regarding your loved one during the grieving process, a projection of how we feel they might view us or our actions. These dreams are very common during the raw grief phase especially, and although they play a vital role in helping us to process our grief they are no indicator of how our loved one may view us, as there is no judgement in the spirit world from our loved ones, no negativity toward us, only concern borne out of love and a desire to help us evolve.
Only ever constructive advice will come during a true dream visit. Once a spirit has crossed over, there is no place for negativity, only love.

Working through your grief of losing your loved ones is an important part of life, we all lose someone we love eventually, death is truly part of life .

Remember the happy times most of all. Your loved one wouldn’t want you to be sad, and remembering the times you’ve laughed together and had fun can help you grieve in a healthy way. Honour those moments instead of dwelling on the actual death itself – physical death is just a transition for all of us to pass through, no matter how difficult or tragic the death, it is fleeting in comparison to the eternity we have and the numerous lifetimes we will live. Physical death is not dwelt upon by the loved one who went through it based on what I’ve been shown by thousands of people who have passed over!

There are typical problems when a person is a victim of deep set grief, here we see some of the symptoms

  • You sense that people are avoiding you
  • Your good intensions are always misunderstood
  • Blocked income and financial prospects

If you are having thoughts about suicide or feel that you can’t deal with the grief, please seek helf of an energy worker immediately. Avoid alcohol and drugs while you are grieving – bottling up these feelings will not end well, unresolved grief always comes out somewhere in your life and that would attract negative entities to you,be it now or years later.

Avoid making any major life changing decisions at a time like this, so put them on hold until you are ready to make them.

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