Crossed Conditions: Hopelessly Stuck

Many times I have been approached by people in great despair, who told me that nothing worked in their life. Typically they went on to assure me, almost apologetically, that they had already tried so many things, tried everything they could think of to improve their situation, but to no avail. In fact — so some said — it had become even worse! And so finally they resigned, feeling that they were hopelessly stuck, doomed to be miserable forever.

What is a Crossed Condition?

Being in a situation where everything goes wrong and no amount of struggle and strive brings any relief will eventually lead to fatigue, giving up and depression in all but the most resilient. It will make the sufferer of the crossed condition so desperate to end his suffering that some may choose suicide to escape from their eternal torment.

There is a magickal technique, a spell or sorcery if you so wish, employed by a spiteful magician to cross somebody they feel has wronged them or whom they dislike. Not all crossed conditions are due to black magick, sorcery and curses by a spiteful fellowman. Some crossed conditions are karmic. You may have done something in a past life that now blocks you from finding love, happiness or prosperity.Another possible cause is negativity from within yourself, such as negative thought patterns or negative beliefs that have become so ingrained and compacted that it causes the crossed condition. Once we are stuck in a negative vibration we attract more negativity because of the law of resonance.

Signs and Symptoms of Being Crossed

A crossed condition manifests all kinds of ill fortune. This may affect only one or several areas of your life simultaneously. If love has been crossed, for instance, you will find all your love relationships going wrong in spite of your best efforts. Your partners may leave you, cheat you or worse, sicken and die. If your health has been crossed you will experience one illness after another and also accidents that lead to health impairments. You may just be recovering from one illness when you slip and break your arm. And once you recover from that you have another accident or get another mysterious illness that your doctor cannot diagnose or explain. If your money and success have been crossed you may be unable to find a job, be constantly underpaid, get skipped at a promotion time, have troubles with colleagues without end, etc. You will usually live in borderline poverty having barely enough to support yourself.

The hallmarks of a crossed condition are:

  • persistent bad luck in one or several areas of your life.
  • repetitive trauma, accidents and victimisation
  • the bad luck is so severe that it is almost unbelievable how many negative things can happen to one person alone.
  • the negative occurrences in your life are almost too bizarre, unlikely and far fetched to sound true.
  • all attempts to better your lot fail.
  • when there is a slight improvement, soon after a major negative event happens, making things worse than ever.
  • A distinct feeling of being under a curse or having been jinxed.

The last point is especially valid. When suffering from a crossed condition you will usually feel that you are under a curse – whether you previously believed in curses before or not. You will also feel that everything is hopeless. And that belief is justified, after all your best efforts over long periods of time have gone in vain or made things even worse. Eventually you may succumb to apathy, isolation and bitterness as the fatigue of the warrior overcomes you.

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